Terms and Conditions

Broken or Failed Appointment Policy 

Broken Appointments are classified as treatment or scheduling changes that are made within 24 hours before the appointment by the patient. This includes major changes to planned treatment at the request of the patient that we are not able perform on short notice. We request that any scheduling changes be done at least 24 hours in advance. A single broken or failed appointment is grounds for patient dismissal. Pacific Park Family Dental also reserves the right to withhold future services and appointments from the patient due to prior broken appointments.

Late arrival policy 

If a patient shows up late by more than 10 minutes to the appointment it is counted as a failed appointment and no booking fee will be refunded. At that point a new booking fee will be collected for a new appointment to be scheduled. 

Appointment booking fees 

Booking fees are incurred at the time of scheduling treatment that is longer than 1 hour in length. These fees are refunded or used for treatment purposes on the day of treatment provided that the appointment has not been broken or failed as defined above. Standard booking fee at Pacific Park Family Dental is $250 per hour of expected treatment time. In cases where appointments are broken or failed the booking fee is not refunded back to the patient and a new booking fee will be collected in order for a new appointment to be scheduled. 

Comprehensive dentistry policy 

Pacific Park Family Dental is a comprehensive treatment center for oral health needs with a high quality approach to dentistry. Since a wide spectrum of services are offered at this facility we discourage our patients from receiving treatments from other facilities unless so directed by the staff or a formal referral has been issued. We ask that our patients consult us first for all their needs and future treatments especially if there is an active treatment plan on file. In cases where treatment has been done at another clinic that is not related to an emergency or referral, Pacific Park Family Dental reserves the right to suspend any future treatment and refer the patient to the previous clinic for comprehensive treatment. 

Continuous care policy

At Pacific Park Family Dental we are interested in helping our patients to have the best outcomes for their oral health. In view of this we will always recommend the best course of treatment for active diseases. However we expect that our recommendations are followed in order to correct the course of disease, or at the very least to stop the progression of the disease. Inability or lack of desire to follow the recommended treatment will result in suspension of all future treatments. 

Warranty policy

All work done at Pacific Park Family Dental is warrantied against material breakage, bond and cement failures up to 5 years provided that the patient has been following the recommended treatment, hygiene visit protocol and practicing adequate home care as instructed by the clinicians. Work under warranty includes redos of the same work, or “in-store” credit of the value of work done previously for new treatment. Warranty does not extend to cover refunds or work done at other clinics. Warranty also does not cover failures due to lack of care, uncontrolled periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, recreational drug abuse, and lack of follow up with exam and hygiene appointments.

Photography and social media policy

You may see us capturing clinical photographs of patients. These photographs are usually used for laboratory and documentation purposes. With the permission of the patient we also ask to use these photographs for marketing and advertising purposes. These photographs do not feature unique patient identifiers such as name, medical history. Your private information will not be featured in these types of presentations, protecting your anonymity and medical history.