Root Canal in Vancouver, WA

Root canal

An inside job

Damage to the tooth nerve can lead to extremely painful consequences, however a root canal procedure can help get you out of pain quickly and also keep the tooth in a working condition for years to come.

What to expect

At the Appointment


Duration 90-120 min


Oral anesthetic use


Possible minor sensitivity

tooth coloured

Tooth colored build up

After Appointment


Possible post operative sensitivity to biting or chewing


Avoid eating until numbness wears off

Why does a tooth hurt in the first place?

To understand why teeth can cause so much pain let's review the anatomy of a tooth. Here on the diagram we can see that Pulp or the tooth nerve is surrounded by Dentin, which is covered by a cap of enamel.

root canal1

A tooth can cause pain typically due to one of the following reasons:

root canal2

  • Crack or Fracture Cavity or Tooth Decay: Both of these events will irreversibly inflame the nerve, a common symptom of pulpal inflammation is shooting pain, sever sensitivity to hot or cold, and spontaneous pain. A common rule of thumb is that if your tooth wakes you up, there is a problem.
  • Tooth infection: This event occurs after the inflamed nerve dies and bacteria populates the nerve space of the tooth. Pretty soon the bacterial waste products begin leaking into the surrounding bone causing abscess formation. At this stage people can get painful swellings that can potentially be life threatening.

How it is accomplished

The whole point of the root canal procedure is to remove the inflamed nerve tissue, sterilize the inside of the tooth from any bacteria, and finally to fill the space with a material that will prevent any future invaders from colonizing the pulpal space.

root canal3


root canal4

root canal5


root canal6

The remaining pulpal space is filled with biocompatible material called Gutta Percha. This will keep the inside of the tooth sterile and the surrounding bone healthy.

Finally, all the affected tooth structure is build back up with composite material.The process is known as build up.

root canal7

A strong word of caution


At the completion of the root canal procedure it is strongly recommended to reinforce the tooth by a crowning procedure. This will prevent future fractures of the tooth.